Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Eyelash Extensions with Blink Bar

Top // Shorts (Old from Urban Outfitters) Similar Here // Sandals // Ring // Moon Necklace // Hoop Earrings

Hey girls!!!  So, a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to get eyelash extensions for the first time. I have been wanting to get these for forever! Each time, I kept chickening out because I hear mixed reviews on whether or not they're good for you, if they actually damage your lashes. After researching and reading lots of beauty blog posts on the subject, my opinion landed on the idea that they are fine to get and won't cause too much damage as long as you get them done by a reputable salon and experienced person.  So, then that added the pressure of tracking down a good salon . So, I would look up locations, end up reading reviews and after seeing so many mixed things, just chicken out again and put it off.  Well, the Blink Bar ended up reaching out to me announcing the launch of their new location in Hermosa Beach, and I thought it was the perfect time to try out the process. Spoiler alert: I loved everything about it!  

The Blink Bar

So, I wore minimal makeup to go down there, and when I arrived they asked me to wipe off the makeup around my eyes and clean my lashes really well with the wipes they provided me.  Once we did that, I was set up with one of their lash techs, Alissa Rivera. She was fantastic too!  She asked me what I was hoping to achieve with my lashes (which I was thankful for because lashes can range from natural to voluminous and lengthy). I told her that I wanted to keep it natural and just add a little bit of volume, especially for my first time getting them.  I feel as though I have smaller eyes, so I didn't want anything that was going to look like super extreme on my face, if that makes sense. Well, she nailed it perfectly.  It took her just under an hour, and they truly looked like my own lashes when I was done. That was so important to me.  However, she told me that she also did a lot of sets of the voluminous lashes, and said that those sessions can sometimes take up to 3 hours to install, but I think if you're wanting that va va voom factor, it's completely worth it!  They also will cost a little more to have done.  So, the great part about it is that you can kind of determine your budget and time frame available when selecting what works best for you.  Like I said, mine took no time at all to install and looked very natural , just added length and a slight bit of volume.  

I wanted to add some photos of their decor because their salon is sooooooo , sooooo pretty!!! They've decorated it perfectly, so it makes you want to be there. They have lots of beds separated by only two walls with one side completely open so you don't feel claustrophobic at all, and it's nice and open. However, their beds are comfortable and they have good music playing while making the process all the more comfortable.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and this salon is directly down the street from the beach, so afterwards be sure and make a stop there giving you the ultimate afternoon (or morning) of relaxing!

Please excuse the cut under my eye, the weekend before this I was moving furniture and was lifting a couch over the countertop and dropped it on my face *insert facepalm here*. Anyways, besides the gash, lol, here are the lashes without any eye makeup whatsoever, directly after my appointment. Prior to this, you wouldn't have even seen my lashes in a photo, so this is so fun!!

All in all, the process did not take as long as I had expected for the set I requested.  I truly enjoyed that aspect of it. The actual process was a bit uncomfortable, as I expected. You do have to keep your eyes closed the entire time, and unfortunately for Alissa (sorry girl!) my eyes watered pretty badly for the first part of our install.  She was so kind about it and definitely didn't make me feel bad about it. In fact, she told me that the more I get them done, the more my eyes will adjust to the process. I was not allowed to completely wet my eyelashes for 48 hours. This was slightly difficult as I like to wear make up every day, and I had to go sans eyeliner and mascara for those first two days.  I felt slightly naked, but the extensions helped me feel a little better about it. So, also to go over that, I do still wear mascara with mine every day.  Alissa told me that I needed to use the cheap, cheap drugstore brands because the name brand, high end makeup mascaras would be really hard on the extensions. She said because of their quality, they are harder to remove and will shorten the life of my set. I followed this to a tee and used my L'Oreal jet black voluminous mascara (black tube with gold writing).  I have had mine for almost four weeks now, and while I'm definitely due for a refill, I still have a bunch left on my right eye and a thick enough group left on my left eye that once mascara is applied, they still add length (my left eye was the first one we did and was watering badly , so I think that's why they fell out a little faster than the other eye). I am shocked they have lasted so so long. 

Another thing was the first day after getting them, I did love them, but I thought that I would only get them done prior to events and things like that, kinda like a professional spray tan. However, once I got a few days into having them, and since then, I have been obsessed with having them. I swear my make up looks better, I love that my eyes pop more in photos and daily, and they are pretty easy to take care of. I wash my face as normal in the shower each night (with exception of the first two days where I wasn't allowed to wet them).  I was them with soap and gently rub off my eyelashes in the shower and try to pat my eyes dry (never rub the eyes , I feel like that would damage and remove the lashes). I have always babied my eyelashes in general to keep them from being pulled out, so for the most part I kept my process as normal.  Also, I go to the gym 4 -5 times a week, so these lasted through sweat, daily soaks in the shower, pool, rive and etc!

The Blink Bar has 5 locations in Southern California, and I after visiting the Hermosa Beach location, I highly recommend.  Be sure and request Alissa for your appointment, she will do an amazing, quality job for you!  She's patient, gentle and efficient. Plus, my lashes have lasted way longer than I expected!!  I can't wait to get mine done again (I've only gone so long due to so many events and obligations we have had lately). 

Be sure and send me any questions you may have about the process that I didn't cover! I tried to put everything in here that I asked and experienced through the process for any of you also considering getting this done! 

Thanks for stopping by, gfs!!



The Blink Bar
325 Pier Ave.
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
(424) 206 - 5850

Friday, May 4, 2018

Travel With Me: Omni La Costa Review

First Outfit: Gray Dress // Denim Jacket // Headband // Handbag: Louis Vuitton Damier Azur GM // Overnight Bag: Louis Vuitton Keepall 60 // Sandals // Necklace // Watch // Sunnies
Second Outfit: Sweater (Old) Similar Here and Here // Shorts (Old) Similar Here and Here // Sandals // Sash (Old) Similar Here and Here // Necklace // Tanner 
Hi Friends,

I wanted to do something a little different today.  I'm not a world traveler by any means, just a weekender and annual tropical vacationer. So, one, I'm not sure if I'm covering everything you may be looking for, and if I don't , be sure and reach out to me via email, comment, or Instagram, or whatever is easiest, and I will do my best to help.  Two, I've stayed quite a few places, but the reason this hotel inspired me to create this post is because I was absolutely in love from the moment we turned into the property. I am still so obsessed with this hotel. While I try to change up the places we visit, especially if they're nearby, I know without a doubt that I will go back here!  So, that's why I wanted to share with you all for those of you who are local in So. Cal (like me), and for those looking for a Californian beach vacay!

So, for starters, Aaron and I chose this hotel for a quick little weekend getaway a couple weeks back.  We love resorts, maybe it's because we aren't super adventurous lol, but we love the accessibility of having restaurants right on site. The hotel is called the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa located in Carlsbad, CA.  It's not right on the beach, but it is nearby. We didn't make our way to the local beach (we opted to stop at Doheny Beach on the way home instead, but this is far from the resort).  

We booked the signature king room.  We loved it! It had a beautiful bathroom, super clean, felt very spacious, and my favorite part was a the cutest french doors that opened up to a small patio facing a beautiful courtyard.  They have several areas on the resort, and each are set up a little differently. Our courtyard was so serene and had balconies and french doors and patios, and so many beautiful flowers and grassy views. I loved it.  When we walked over to the other pool, we saw another part of the hotel where the hotel rooms opened into a paved courtyard and each had their own little gated patio.  This pool was large, had a spa, had some foosball tables and ping pong tables set up. I'm not going to lie, Aaron and I went to the bar and got an old fashioned and glass of wine (so good), and then turned ping pong into a pre-dinner drinking game. Listen, we love a good night of netflix and Papa John's pizza, so sometimes when we go out we act like college kids lol.  Speaking of the bar, when you check in, the courtyard you walk through has a few resort shops including Lily Pulitzer so that you can do a little shopping on site.  It also has some beautiful fountains and super friendly staff to greet you.  The drive in was also stunning, it just makes you excited to be there as you pull in.  As you walk into the lobby, if you go to your left there is a nice bar that has a balcony that overlooks the pool and golf course. We enjoyed drinks there and it was so relaxing. If you were to have gone straight there is a grand staircase down to a landing where you can go out to the other pool and golf course, plus the restaurant Vue and locker rooms.  They also have a huge conference center. The whole resort was pretty quiet when we were there, and they also have fun little events each night, you can find them listed out in a pamphlet in your room upon arrival.  The Saturday night we were there they had s'mores in the courtyard with a fire, and it was so cute. We didn't go, but we stopped by to see how it was going.  

We ate at Bob's Steak & Chop House for dinner. You do need reservations, but we stopped in around 4 and made reservations for 9, and they had availability.  We enjoyed some delicious drinks, amazing appetizer (I believe we got the shrimp, which was so good), and tried the steak for me and lamb for Aaron. The steak was phenomenal, and while I refuse to try lamb, Aaron reported that this was amazing also. The service was so great, and while it felt very fancy and romantic, we both wore casual attire (jeans and a blouse and Aaron had jeans and a button down shirt) and this attire was fine.  We enjoyed a long dinner and some great conversation.  They also have a bar in this restaurant, and it was relatively quiet, only about 2 or 3 people in there around 11 when we left.  They also have a cute outside bar and sitting area at the restaurant, but I think because it's out of season at this time, they didn't have it up and running while we were there, but it was so cute and had a nice view of the fountains and palms. I would definitely enjoy a drink there come summer. 

We also ate at Vue for breakfast. We asked to be seated on the patio which overlooks the greens, and it makes me want to learn to golf so bad haha. Service was also exceptional here. Fast and super nice. Aaron and I tried the Strawberry mimosas and they were fantastic! Get them if you go. I got french toast and fresh fruit and Aaron got steak and eggs. We both ranted and raved about these for the rest of the day, both were delicious.  

Overall, this little weekend getaway was just as romantic and beautiful as we had wanted it to be.  The grounds are gorgeous, the service was amazing, and the food makes me want to drive 2 hours to have it every weekend!  I was absolutely in no way sponsored or asked to create this post or write this review. In fact, the hotel has no idea who we are or that I'm writing this.  I just wanted to take the time to help out those travelling like me.  I love reading hotel recommendations and following people's reviews when planning trips.  I hope this helps with anyone coming to the area!  Please let me know if you had any other questions, I'm happy to help!! 



Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cute and Casual Pop of Yellow

Top // Denim Jacket (Sold Out from Impressions Boutique) Similar Here // Denim (Obsessed with these!!) // Shoes (Similar Here and Here) // Clutch // Watch // Sunnies // Necklace
Hey Gals!!!!

I've been loving our spring feeling weather lately, and from what I'm seeing around my Insta feed, I know a lot of you guys are starting to see some signs of spring too. However, we got a surprise treat yesterday of some rain. As a southern Californian, I speak for my part of the state when I say this is a very dramatic event for us. We have whole other outfits we need to break out, for the most part, we usually can't figure out how to drive which means excessive amounts of traffic everywhere ;) and we either love it and all post about it or we hate it and all post about it. So, staying true to fashion, I am posting about it... don't worry!!  Anyways, enough about our weather, let's chat about this outfit.

I'm just loving this little eyelet top!!  I shared a sneak peek of this look last week on my Instagram page. I love black denim with a denim jacket, but this pair in general is my absolute fave pair of black denim I have owned.  The are so comfy, have lots of distressing, which I love, and I feel that they are so flattering on.  Also, I haven't talked about this before, but while I am considered average height (just under 5'7), I have shorter legs.  I stood next to my sister who is 5'4 the other day, and my legs are like only a half inch longer than hers. As of lately, I've been having trouble with the regular length in denim because I'm always needing to cuff them, so I started getting petite or short in jeans. It has helped a lot ( I like the ankle jean look).  With these, I didn't have to do that because they are already ankle length. And I love the raw hem. These are under $40 and I can always get on board with great jeans at a low price point!! 

Also, as you know if you've been following along with me, I love yellow, especially as of late. So popping in some color with these shoes (which I'm adoring lately), and these fun earrings was my only option.  I love adding a little something to neutral looks like that.  However, you can always do a cute nude or tan sandal with this and pop in a dainty studded earring, and it would be just as cute, in my opinion.  

Hope you like it! And thank you so much for popping in today!!



P.S. Linking some of my favorite white blouses below for great price points!!!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Leather and Camo

Blouse C/O // Skirt // Jacket (Old) Almost Identical Here and Here // Shoes // Earrings // Watch // Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in Damier Azur (Pre-Loved Here and Here
Happy Monday, GF's!!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  I know we did.  We have sooooo many events coming up with birthdays, graduations, going away parties, and etc, we took this weekend to just kind of relax.  My sister and I ran some errands on Saturday and ended the night with pizza, Starbucks and three chick flicks, which included The Notebook, What Happens in Vegas, and P.S. I Love You.  That's like our favorite thing to do ... get our favorite food (especially because we try to eat healthy during the week), and watch good old movies.  Then, Sunday I spent going to lunch with Aaron, then he took me to get my nails done, and we got some really good pedicures with good hot stone foot massages.  We finished the night seeing The Avengers movie with our friends and grabbing In N Out on the way home.

Now, it's time to jump back into it.  Our next 8 weekends (and weeks really) are jam packed, so I'm trying to get my "hustle hat" on to mentally prepare and actually physically prepare for all of the upcoming occasions.  Moving into today's look:

I scored pretty much this entire outfit (besides the shoes , bag and earrings) from Shein over the past year or so. The blouse is a new arrival and the skirt is still available. I loveeeee the way this came together. I am so into high waisted skirts and shorts with feminine little blouses tucked into them.  I thought the contrast of the leather was a cool mix against the flowy look of the top.  I love an outfit like this for going shopping, casual events, and even a casual night out.  The bright white in the top and bag and the lighter color of the shoes makes it fun for spring, but it could easily be worn in summer and fall also!

Personally, I love this color palette, and I really love my camo jacket.  I think I got this one for under $30 a few years back (I'm sure you've seen it around my Insta a time or two). Anyways, I reach for this piece ALL OF THE TIME. I equate it to my denim jackets. It just happens that warm and olive tones are a staple color for me and easily go with most of my looks. I pop it on over my gym clothes when I need to run into a store, I pair it with casual looks (like with ripped jeans and a tank to my brother's football games), and even a more dressed up casual look like today. It's such a cute printed piece that I really am attracted to using always. I will place two below that I absolutely love and for great prices.

This skirt, while I do love it and the way it looks and fits, I don't recommend it.  I wore it the other day for a few hours, and I feel like the material is kind of weird, it's not breathable at all, and it caused all the skin that it was touching to sweat... it was so weird, I don't think I've ever had sweat on my legs before, but I think it was the thick material that did it.  I think it looks great, but I have to give you all an honest review.  Like I always say, I love Shein, and I'm an extremely loyal customer to them, shopping with them probably every other week at least, but sometimes I get a few quality misses, and this was one of those.

Feel free to send me any questions if you have any!! I'm always happy to give my advice or assistance if I can.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed today's post!!! Thank you so, so much for stopping in friend!!



Friday, April 27, 2018

Swimsuit Round - Up

Hey Friends!

So, the other day, my sister and I were sitting in my closet room picking out some dresses for her to wear to a rehearsal dinner for our cousin.  She ended up seeing my box of swimwear, and she knew it was all pieces I had been buying this year.  She started laughing, and then said, "What's going on?? Like do you have a problem? You better not buy any more swimsuits..." Lol!  

The other day, I mentioned this, and I got a few people asking me to share my swim collection so far this year.  Now, before we get too deep, please don't judge me. We have a pool, we do lots of swim events/ parties, Aaron's parents also have a river house, which we go to a lot over summer, and our favorite vacation spots include Palm Springs and Vegas... now, if we're tallying this up, it basically means I need a couple suits a weekend , so the pile I've accumulated is a modest amount.... ;) ... right?!  haha... anyways...

I want to go into talking a little bit about the right suit for your body.  So, as I mentioned in my fitness post (Here's the link if you haven't had a chance to check this out yet), I have lost some weight and dropped a size or two since even last summer.  However, I'm not going to lie, I still do not love trying on suits ( I love buying them, but when it comes to wearing them it has to be a full moon, on a saturday night, with the northstar shining directly over Jersey... basically it has to be the perfect day and circumstances to even feel good about it... but I'm trying.  With that, I have really found that I loveeee one pieces, and since they are having a major moment these past few years (and hopefully from now on), there are sooooo many great options to find.  The most flattering one I ever bought was one that had a cute sweetheart neckline, straps around the neck, and a small cutout in the midsection (if you check out the photos above, you will see that I have a few styles like this now, and that's because it works well for me and my body type).  I love the support of the straps, the cutout in the waist draws attention to the smallest part of the body and then minimizes it by not being a full on two piece, drawing in your sides since the material covers that. It also is a one piece, so just flattering overall on the body. I highly recommend this particular silhouette to all shapes and sizes.  

Another major go-to for me are high waisted bikinis. I adoreeee these. Now, my husband and best guy friends will tell you otherwise, they hate high waisted anything, and I think they're sticks in the mud, so thank goodness I don't dress for boys ( I would've be able to wear rompers or overalls either, and that's just no life for me). 

So, with that said, I have rounded up my alllll time favorite swim for this season. If the pieces I shared above ended up being sold out already (sorry, I started shopping in Jan :( ) , then I found a similar option at a similar price point to link below. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions at all about styling swim, what kind of swim I recommend, where I shop for swim. I'm hoping I provided a lot of that already, but I'm always here to chat! 

(Quick sizing note:  the striped and floral bathing suit that I'm personally wearing in the photos I got from Shein.  I got it in the large, but now it's fitting slightly a little too big on me, so I would suggest getting your normal size in this one.  For the most part, I do go up a size on the Shein swim, though. Be sure and check reviews if possible on these ones. For all the other places I'm linking, I've gotten my normal size, with the only exception being in Target bottoms, I will go a size down to avoid sagging when they get wet... Hope that helps friends!!!) 



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