Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Travel With Veeshee

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This Summer has a few things in store for me, a lot of those being weekend getaways.  Our family loves to go to the river, Aaron and I have a few conferences that we travel to locally coming up, and I have a few over night stays for concerts, weekend getaways, and things like that on the horizon, so I thought I would share my newest addition, my Veeshee  weekender bag.... eek, I am in love! 

The best part about Veeshee is that you get to custom design your own totes, handbags, cosmetic pouches, and even tablet cases.  They have items for women, men, and children making it the perfect go to place for your next trip.  As you all already know, I am obsessed with monograms.  My sister always makes fun of me saying that we'll never have trouble when she moves out because everything I own has my initials (haha dying!).  So, I knew that when I designed mine, I wanted something simple (to easily pair with anything), also something in a color that wouldn't show signs of travel: i.e. dirt, dust, scuffs, or wear and tear.  That's why I decided on this "Jute" color.  My leather is "camel" because I just loved the rich, warm tone of it, and my interior is a fun floral, and I got the largest monogram in "Magenta". When I was designing my bag, I loved the simplicity of it, and the little pop of print on the inside, also, I knew I wanted my monogram to be the center point, which is why I decided upon the hot pink.  With all that being said, with Veeshee bags you get to decide everything. It's completely custom made to your liking, and the quality is absolutely amazing. I know it's going to hold through travel.

All in all, for the custom weekender bag they offer 32 exterior color choices, 56 interior choices, 5 leather options, and then the optional choice to add any color monogram you desire.I love the idea of completely customizing your luggage, not only for the fact that it looks exactly how you choose, but it will be extremely easy to find if being checked, if left somewhere, or if set down somewhere.

I was already excited for my upcoming travels and mini trips, but now that I have my custom accessory, I am ecstatic.  

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Hope to see you again soon!



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  1. Obsessed with your neon pink pops!! Darling!!! XO

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