Monday, September 26, 2016

Back in Burgundy (+ A Life Update)!

Top C/O // Camisole (The Best for Layering!!!) // Denim (Similar Here and Here) // Sandals // Handbag : Prada (Similar Here and Here) // Bracelet (Charm Here) // Watch : Michael Kors (Similar Here ) // Necklace (Old) Similar Here // Earrings (Sold Out) Similar Here // Lips: "Stripdown" and "Fleshpot" with this gloss 
Happy Monday, my friends!!

It's been quite some time since I've shared a post or been on my Instagram for that matter. So, today, in addition to sharing this adorable little sweater top, I wanted to give a life update to share a little bit with you all.

First things first, today's look!  It was completely inspired by the fact that fall is here, and I'm so happy.  Today, it is a scorching 108 degrees. In fact, we are having our friends over for football and swimming tonight because what else do you do when it's that hot outside haha. Regardless, I know that some of you lucky ducks are getting the cooling temps, and I think this sweater from Grace and Lace Co, is the perfect transition piece. I paired it with their Perfect Fit Tank because they are a great length, and they fit so well. I layer mine under something multiple times a week, This sweater has me swooning because not only is it light enough for me to wear out during the evenings, but it also is cozy and great to pair with jeggings.  It has a super cute keyhole back feature, and I love the slouchy fit. I cuffed the sleeves on mine for some added personal flair. Also, I'm a huge advocate for white denim during fall, and I linked two of my favorites for under $100 !! Also, my sweater is under $60 , and since it's a boutique piece, it is so unique, and won't be found anywhere else. I highly recommend Grace and Lace's pieces. They're always the best quality, and they fit so well. (My sweater is the M/L for size reference).

Secondly, I wanted to take the time to share a little bit about why I decided to take a very impromptu and unplanned vacation from the blog. I was trying to keep up with it here and there starting about a month ago, and that's when other things started to get really busy in my life. Towards the end of July, Aaron and I decided to purchase our first home. Days got busier because on top of our office picking up, we had a major vacation planned (our first one in a couple years), and we now had to fit in showing appointments. When we returned from vacation, we had our eyes on a property we loved, but we wanted to be sure, so we kept balancing appointments, alongside paperwork and negotiations on the other property. This consumed so much of my thoughts, once I would get home from the office, I would fixate on that process, and I would be so exhausted. At that time, I continued to post here and there, but I was worried about my content at the same time (adding a bit more stress to my plate). Also, I've always wanted to go back to school to complete my degree ( I took a break once I got my AA to help Aaron build our accounting business together, but we always said that I would go back once we had the training wheels off and the business was running full force). The time came about a year or two ago when I could make that leap and re enroll, but the major I thought I always wanted to pursue was something I couldn't really feel my heart leaning towards any longer. I kept going to meetings and scheduling appointments with my counselor at the school I thought I would always apply to, but it just didn't feel right. I couldn't help but feel a bit depressed after coming to this realization because a dream I had always held so tight, just didn't feel the same as it used to when I originally wanted to pursue it. Aaron and I talked about it a lot, and we prayed even more, and I visited a few other majors that I was heavily interested in. One in particular was really calling to me, but Aaron kept telling me that he didn't have a good feeling. We talked about it a lot, over and over, and I prayed about it a lot more, and after some time, we both realized why he was feeling that way, and we knew that also wasn't the path for me. I spent a lot of time getting myself stressed knowing that I wanted to get back into school and wanting to make my way towards my dream, but what was my dream at this point?  I know sometimes you have to be patient in order to find out where you belong, but I was getting upset at the idea of not knowing where I needed to be or which path I should be going towards . So, while it may seem like a lot of "self-made" stressors, for the past few months my mind was worrying over these things, and then we added purchasing a home to it all, and I felt a little overwhelmed.

I hate to be one to let anyone down, and I felt that not being as consistent with my blog was a huge error on my part. I couldn't help but feel down when I couldn't get content together, but I also couldn't find the time during these periods. When we got our offer accepted on the home we initially fell in love with, it felt like the process had only begun. So much paperwork, appointments, and on top of that we wanted to add in some remodeling, had to schedule appointments with all of the service people for the property to switch everything over, and since we've always rented, we wanted to get rid of all of our furniture and buy furniture to fit the home we were moving to. My husband is pretty swamped at our office working 12 hours a day (sometimes more), so I was in charge of scheduling everything for the move. At this same time, after fervent prayer and many conversations, the career path that I really wanted came to a forefront. Aaron and I finally realized what major I really wanted to pursue. While I was more than ecstatic to finally see my dream on the horizon, I realized I needed to start applying to schools so that I could move forward with this ASAP. So, I added yet another item to my full plate.

Well, two weeks ago, we finally made the big move. We had our amazing family and good friends there to help us out. It took an entire weekend, and I'm not ashamed to admit we are still living out of boxes lol. It's a slow process to unpack and  figure out where everything belongs. My dad and youngest brother built me my dream walk in closet (that's probably one of my favorite things in my entire home), and my mom and I updated the cabinetry in the kitchen. Last week, Aaron and I celebrated our 3rd year of marriage, 6th year of being together and 11th year of knowing each other, I turned 25, and I found out I got accepted into my first choice school to major in Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education. My sister (and best friend) planned an amazing birthday getaway for me with our closest friends up in the mountains. They rented us a cabin in Big Bear , and the weather was amazing. So cold and cozy. We had  a fire, we played board games, we went to town for shopping and ice cream, and we had the most amazing time. It was the perfect way to celebrate the calming of all of the chaos and welcome another year ahead for me. With all of that, I feel so completely rejuvenated and alive again. I was so excited to be able to get back onto my blog today. I'm pretty sure I can stay consistent now because so much of the stress has cleared and I'm ready to be at peace for awhile now.

Life can get so busy, and at times, it gets to the point where managing a full time job, your hobby and other big events that happen to occur at once that you feel close to your breaking point. Thankfully, I have an amazing husband and best friend who always tell me like it is. This time, they told me to take a break from what I could to manage what had to be done on a deadline. I was sad to do it,but in the end, it was what was best for me. Now that I have a few things off of my plate, I can get back on track with the thing I love most. I appreciate all of you who have stuck with me through the short vacation, and I appreciate you even more for being understanding of the things I had going on. I know that there are so many girls who manage a much fuller plate than this, and I want to give them major props for being able to do it all. They're an inspiration to me!  I wanted to share my story today to not only keep you in the loop, but to also remind those of you who are also feeling overwhelmed or like you have too much on your plate that it's okay to step back from things. You can say "no" to plans, and you can "vacation" from certain things in your life and it doesn't mean you have to "quit" or "give it up".

Anyways, enough babbling. Thank you for your love and support, it means so much. I hope to continue to share outfits and tips with you for much longer, so I appreciate you letting me take this short break to recoop from a hectic period.



Monday, September 12, 2016

TopThe Perfect Little Black Top

Top C/O // Denim (Sold Out) Similar Here and Here // Sandals (Sold Out) Similar Here (Have these and I'm obsessed!)// Necklace (Old) Similar Here and Here // Handbag : Givenchy (Similar Here) // Earrings // Watch : Michael Kors (Similar Here) // Necklace Set 
Happy Monday, sweet friends!!

First off, I must say that my whole body is aching, my eyes are pretty much closing at my desk at work, and I would like to crawl back in bed for three days. I'm on the "recuperate from the gigantic move train" at this moment. Last week was utter chaos, and I'm so ready to be done with it. I know we're only half way done because right now, we've unpacked only 1/4 of the boxes. Moves are hard. Haha...

Anyways, I'm back now, and I'm excited to be sharing some looks again. I have a lot of great ones planned, and I've been so excited to get them on the blog, but time is one thing I haven't had lately, and I have been so depressed about it. I have been missing my blog like no other! I wanted to share this top from Viva La Jewels because a staple black blouse is ESSENTIAL for your wardrobe. I can't stress enough how much I rely on mine. It's instantly a little dressy because of the fit, material and color, but it's still casual enough to pair with jeans and sandals so you can wear it anywhere and anway. I've tucked this into a pencil skirt for the office, paired it with leather leggings and nude heels for dinner, and I wore the above out to a lunch date last week. It's such a cute top, I can't get over it!  I also wanted to share this because I adore Viva La Jewels shop. It's one of my favorite online boutiques, and I'm always finding myself browsing their items. They also have sales running all of the time, so I follow them on Instagram to watch for when they announce these. I love snagging their cute items at a fraction of the price. Right now they've just stocked up on the cutest blanket scarves. I find that no matter how many blanket scarves I have, I buy them each year. What can you do???

I hope you all had the best weekend, and I hope for a good week ahead! 



Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Prettiest Top for Transitioning to Fall

Top C/O // Denim (Sold Out) Similar Here and Here // Booties (Sold Out) Similar Here and Here // Earrings (Old) Similar Here // Handbag : Prada (Similar Here ) // Watch (Similar Here) // Bracelet, Bracelet , Bracelet (Charm Here)

To say I adore this top would be an understatement. It has everything you'd want: undeniably feminine with just the right edge with the burnout green color, It's so flattering with the flowy fit, but hits at the right part of the hips to elongate the legs and make you look tall and lean. I especially love that I didn't need to pair it with too much jewelry because the cool detailing around the neckline. I thought this top was too adorable from the moment I laid eyes on it, so I definitely had to share on the blog today. I found this piece at K. Ellis Boutique, and I love her stuff. As of right now, she operates through Instagram and Facebook, so you would just go to those pages and comment "sold" on a piece you're interested in purchasing. It makes buying so easy and personable, in my opinion!

Also, a quick note, I am sorry for my absence. To make a long story short, we're moving, and basically my life consists of getting up, going to work, coming home packing and cleaning, going to bed around 2am, and then starting it over the next day. There isn't really time to focus on anything else, which is driving me bonkers! I can't wait to be settled in, and give a life update, share some photos, and start consistently posting once again. Nothing makes you miss your blog more than being forced to be away from it! Lol.

Hope you're all having a good week so far, and the exciting part is we're almost to Friday already, it just flew by! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 



Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bauble Bar Blowout Sale!

Bauble Bar Blowout Sale!

One of my favorite jewelry stores is having a blowout sale. When I checked out moments ago, they also gave me an additional 20% off of the two sale pieces I already got for a majorly discounted price. They also offer free shipping, so it's something you definitely want to take advantage of if you're on the hunt for some new (great quality) pieces. I love my Bauble Bar collection!  Some of my favorite statement pieces, and I wear them a ton, a ton!!! I've rounded up all of my favorites from the sale, and I'm sharing them here!  Shop them while they're still available.

P.S. They just restocked the Courtney Bib (top left necklace) in the gold color, and it's on sale for under $30, I paid over $65 when I got mine!

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Prettiest Jewel Toned Blouse (+ A Coupon Code!)

Top C/O (Use the code "FASHIONABLYSTOCKED20" for 20% off your purchase!! // Denim (Sold Out) Similar Here // Shoes // Handbag: Prada (Similar Here) // Necklace // Necklace Set // Bracelet // Bracelet, Bracelet // Watch 
TGIF, my friends!!

Today, I wanted to tell you about this gorgeous little top which just launched today at my friend, Monicha's boutique, Lollipops and Lemonade. This gorgeous jewel toned shade is the perfect color to transition into fall because although it is bold and eye catching, it is still subdue enough for the cooler temps. I absolutely love the fit, and I've been wearing it non stop since it came in. The detailing on the front and shoulders makes it great to throw on to wear around, but also dressy enough to go out on date night (which is exactly what I have it laid out for this weekend). Does anyone else lay out their clothes in advance???

Anyways, I hope that you'll take a moment to stop by her boutique as it is full of great pieces and great prices. Not to mention, she gave my readers the coupon code "FASHIONABLYSTOCKED20" to receive 20% off at checkout!!  I highly recommend this top, and she so sweetly named it the "Nicolette" in honor of our collaboration together. I thought that was so fun!!  It's amazing quality, and it's a great piece to put on with jeans and still look so put together!

Does anyone have any fun plans this weekend??? We are spending a lot of time with our families which will be so fun!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, sweet friends!