Thursday, January 18, 2018

Striped Sweaters for Winter

Sweater C/O // Denim (Gift) (Similar and Same Brand Here and Here) // Sunglasses // Shoes (Old) Similar Here // Earrings  (Love these too) // Handbag : Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM (Pre loved here and here) Similar , less expensive version here // Necklace C/O // Scarf (Old) Cashmere on sale here and similar here

Hello Sweet Friends!!

We are almost through this week, and then it's Hello Weekend!!!

Okay, today, I'm sharing this new boutique I recently found... gosh, it's so good, and their pieces are great quality.  I found a few pieces while browsing there, and I can't wait to share the others with you on Instagram, but today I'm sharing this adorable black and white sweater.  

So, it's light weight, you will definitely need a light white camisole to layer underneath, but that makes it a great transitional piece (or good piece for us So. Cal gals who don't know what winter is lol). Anyways, it would be so cute layered under a scarf (like I did today) and larger coat, but can easily go into spring sans scarf with jeans, and I can even see it in summer with a cute pair of cut off shorts.  I love black and white stripes, one of my favorite patterns (if you browsed through my closet, you would soon figure that out haha). It's such a great pattern to take through all seasons (as mentioned above), and it's great on it's own or layered. My favorite colors to pair with would definitely be olive greens or camel tones. These just look so good together in my opinion.  

The sweater definitely fits true to size, and has a "shark bite" hem so perfect if you're into the "front tuck" styling method like myself.  It has a lot of character and I think it's a perfect casual piece to toss on and go out and about for the day.  Head over to Emmer and Oat to check out their collection. Their sweaters are the cutest!!  Like I said, I cannot wait to share the other pieces I picked up on Insta soon!!

I hope you're all having a great day! Thank you so very much for taking the time to stop in today!



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Wedding Season, Meet the Perfect Dress

Dress C/O // Earrings (Sold Out) Similar Here // Handbag (Poshmark Find) Similar Here and Here // Sunglasses // Chain Bracelet //
Hello Friends!!!

Happy Tuesday!  My sister was off yesterday, so I wasn't able to get the Monday post published until today, but there will be regular posts resumed tomorrow and Friday! Both are a lot of fun, so be sure and check in for those too!

Today, I am so excited and I could not wait to share this stunning dress  from Ivy Staple boutique. First of all, it's perfect, and let me tell you why!!

I am 5'7 and the length is amazing. I wore this with 4 inch heels, so you may need to get it hemmed, but I am happy about that because most of the time I get maxi dresses from boutiques they are much too short, and there's nothing you can do when that happens. Luckily, when they are longer, you can hem them, and I've always liked to keep my maxi dresses a bit longer than they should be because I think a long flowing dress is so beautiful and romantic.  

Another thing is the quality of this dress is also fantastic. It sits beautifully on the frame. I felt it to be true to size. It has a stunning open back and a long sash that ties around the back of your neck for an added touch of character. I am obsessed. I've already had a few invites for friend's and family member's weddings come in, and I've already put this one aside for my cousin's wedding this spring. 

It's going to be extremely hard to do because I am obsessed with this dress.  So pretty!! AND BEST NEWS OF ALL , it's under $45 so great for every budget (especially wedding attire budgets since you'll more than likely be spending on transportation, a gift, and possibly even travel for an event like this!).

Now, with all of that said, I found this beauty at Ivy Staple Boutique.  It's called the "Elise" Maxi dress.  It comes highly recommended by me, and I cannot wait to wear it to events !

Okay, friends!! Thank you so much for stopping by!



Friday, January 5, 2018

Dressed Up in the Softest Sweater

Sweater C/O // Skirt (Similar Here)  // Handbag : Celine Phantom (Medium) // Booties C/O (Similar Here) // Earrings (Gift from my sister) Similar Here 
Okay girlfriends, if we're talking honestly and about silly things , then I would love to share this with you today... one of my fears when going out in public is trying new looks and being scared of the way people may take it in. Will they make fun of me, will they wonder what the heck I'm wearing, will they like it?? Gosh! Maybe that seems absolutely silly, but I was wondering if anyone also feels this way.

Like, so many times I love the new trends, or a certain outfit, and at the last minute, I sometimes change out of it to something more "neutral", so I blend in... the "whispers behind my back" may be completely in my head, but sometimes doesn't it feel like you get those "looks" and you can't tell if people are thinking that's weird , that's cool??  In the end, I would love to be that girl that says, "who the heck cares?!", but sometimes that is just so hard!!  However, this year, I want to practice that version of myself more.  I want to wear the outfits I love without second guessing how they will be received by strangers I've never met!  In fact, I read this meme the other day that said , "Do you want to feel attacked, wear ripped jeans to a family event." First of all, I laughed so hard because I can relate to that on the deepest level haha... and at the same time, I have never stopped wearing my fave ripped jeans when I go out despite all of the weird family members and strangers who have made flippant comments about them. Why?! Because I love them, they're comfortable, and whether someone thinks they're "weird" or a "waste of money", it's my own money and my own body which I am dressing, so what does it matter?! Right?!  I would love to apply this across the board!  Fearless fashion choices at all times.  What do you guys think?  Do any of you struggle with the same thing.
And once again, this is just a silly little issue, but I brought it up because I was wondering if anyone else felt the same way and/ or had some tips and tricks I could apply for this year while practicing this!  I would love you all if you did!!!! 

Going into today's look, I've been dying over leather skirts lately... they keep catching my eye, but they were one of those things I held back from because I was like... hmm, how will this work haha, you know what I mean?  However the instant I laid eyes on this ADORABLE sweater from She Is Boutique (one of my fave places!!!) I knew exactly how I wanted to style it. Don't you love when outfits come together like that, like instant inspo!?!? haha!

This sweater feels like a blanket, a literal blanket when you wear it!  I haven't felt so cozy in a top ever!  Also, the bright white color, omg, my favorite. I really love a good white top, they're so fun to style!  I could see this little cropped sweater with your favorite midi or mini skirt, a cute high waisted pair of bell bottoms (yes girl, doing these too! Love them , always have and always will!), and a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and your fave over the knee boots. I'm hoping to style these looks soon and share some snapshots with you all when I do!  With all that said, you girls have GOT TO try out this sweater: it'll keep you warm, it's so cute, and seriously you can lounge in it because it is unbelievably cozy. I also ADORE Megan, the owner of the boutique. I've worked with her a lot and she is an absolute doll. She also has a blog, you should definitely give it a follow! She dresses so, so cute!!  

I hope this post served as some good inspo for you! I'm so glad you took a little time to drop in today!  I really do appreciate your time !



Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Going Out to See the World? Travel Style Inspo!

Camisole // Denim Jacket (Old) Want this One // Joggers C/O // Beanie C/O // Converse // Handbag: Celine Phantom Medium (Similar Here and Here
Hey babes!!!

Got any travel plans this coming year?!  While I myself am a pretty nervous traveller, omg! planes seriously kill me haha, I still love the adventure of travelling new places.  Every January, Aaron and I sit down to plan our big annual trip.  With Aaron owning his own accounting business, it was very difficult for us to take any time together. Work never stops, and when you're a business owner, you can't shut down.  So, a few years ago we decided that we would force him to take a week off each year where he would excuse himself from the constant phone calls, emails and tasks, and just unwind.  So far, we have travelled to Miami, Hawaii, and Grenada (my fave!!).  I am very excited to see what we decide for this year!

With that said, I feel as if a lot of my friends are also starting to plan out their trips and travels for the year, so I was inspired to share this fun travel look with you all.  The minute I laid my eyes on these joggers from She Is Boutique I was swooning. They are too adorable (and so comfortable). I got them only a week ago, and have already found a way to wear them almost every day.  I've worn them as an outfit a few times out and about running errands, and then lounging around the house (and even to bed once, haha, I fell asleep in them on the couch and didn't want to change when I got back up).  They are THE BEST!!! 

When I travel, I want to be comfortable, I want to be able to move, I want things that are easy to wear and don't require adjusting and pushing and pulling to keep looking cute. Thankfully, with the athleisure trend in full force, outfits like this are perfect for these occasions.  My sister and I will be heading out on a fun road trip at the end of January, and I imagine this outfit being perfect for something like this. What is you go to travel style, girlfriends?!  

I'm so thankful you could stop by today.  I hope this outfit was good inspo for you!!